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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day: From Reverence to Revelry

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Every year on March 17th, the world remembers the patron Saint Patrick, missionary to the Irish…or do they? The question should be, after celebrating, do they remember anything at all? I find it fascinating how a holiday rich in history and folklore can evolve into a celebration of luck, leprechauns, four leaf clovers, and whiskey.

photo courtesy of Google

Celebrations of green and Guinness have smattered cities across the world from Sydney to Shanghai to Dubai and back to Dublin. I live in the exceptional city of Chicago and can say, short of Dublin, Chicago tops ‘em all for St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Where else will you find such a fine green river, a sea of excitable Irish, and a fantastic St. Patty’s Day parade?

It made me curious to know how college campuses across the divide celebrate such a celebrate-able holiday.

My answer:

Green eggs, kegs and March Madness

From StateUniversity.com: Be Responsible

If you are a Concordia University student in Montreal, you won’t be celebrating at all. Please be responsible, lest your reveling cost you.

Photo: Peter McCabe, Montreal Gazette

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

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