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College Clubs: Means of Finding a Clique and Building the Résumé

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Clubs are the ganglion of the college social and professional networking circuit; they are based on both personal interest as well as career pursuits. In light of this, clubs are essential for establishing social cliques and building an impressive résumé.

The types of clubs that exist have a broad array, ranging through chess, science fiction, classical music, cubism and other art movements, agriculture, anthropology, astrology, astronomy, botany, Buddhism, civil war enthusiasm, Christianity, cooking, creative writing, environmental science, farming, fashion design, fencing, gay and lesbian, interior design, journalism and current events, landscaping, Latin and other languages, magazine-publishing, map-making, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medicine, medieval studies, movies, parapsychology, photography, poetry and literature, political science, psychiatry, social studies, sports (individualized), studio art and pottery, radio broadcasting, weapons advocacy, Wicca, and zoology. These are but only a few of number of clubs for students. Not all universities offer the same clubs, but every university does have a wide selection of to accommodate the endless spectrum of personal interests and career goals.

As facilitators for social cliquing, college clubs allow students and staff members alike to bring together people of like-interests to share knowledge, passion and discussions. Some, like the chess club, feature competitions, or, like the sports clubs, outings or field trips, such as for fishing, scuba diving and skiing. While involved in these clubs, students can establish lifetime connections with others. In this way, they can weed out or avoid wasting time associating with those with whom they have no sharing interests.

The problem with college clubs that serve as a social means, however, is that there are so many from which to choose, and these can take crucial time away from class work. Yes, clubs, classes, socializing are all equally important in a college student’s preparation, but a student’s schedule must be well-balanced. This is why each student should decide which personal interests are most significant when it comes to making friends, since these particular clubs will incite the most excitement.

Just as equally significant, college clubs serve as early résumé-builders. Being members of college clubs associated with career pursuits are devised to facilitate networking with others having similar backgrounds or goals. In addition, these clubs enhance a résumé by illustrating a student’s passion and seriousness in the field, not to mention the fact that a student’s prior membership in such clubs or organizations is indicative to having acquired knowledge outside of the classroom. Well-roundedness and community involvement are pluses to many employers who are seeking ideal candidates for their respective companies.

As a matter of fact, membership in career-oriented clubs can hook students up early in employment. For example, the father of a fellow member might be a CEO at a Fortune 500 company or a human resources supervisor at an agency of interest. Being a member of such a club will allow students to meet and form relationships with these people. One can only imagine getting a great job before even graduating from college. What an incentive!

Those who are currently college students, as well as those about to attend college, should consider joining clubs before graduating. Not only are these organizations fun and enjoyable, they just might make a different in one’s future personal and professional success.

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