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College Fitness.com: Where Social Media and the Modern Gym Collide

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The last half of the decade, social media has burgeoned into a networking empire, making mail, phone calls, traditional media, and even email practically obsolete. We are now in the Attention Age. Social media rostrums have been significant in turning our “attention” into a commodity by enabling users the ability to share information freely and immediately. As “attention” is commodified over the internet, so comes the variety of information that is spun into social media networks.


College Fitness.com is a perfect example of this. The purpose of this networking tool is to connect “students, professionals, and health conscious individuals across the globe.” There is no other website that offers interactive education on fitness. CollegeFitness.com also claims on their website that the world’s largest collegiate video library is made available to members as well as the ability to gain access to a “growing collection” of applications for lifestyle management.

The account works as a personal trainer; users can plan workouts days, weeks, or months in advance. Once members join, they start by updating their profile, similar to that of Facebook or MySpace. Then they begin to generate their workout regimen based on personal preferences.

CollegeFitness.com Unveils “CFMobile”

To keep up with rapidly evolving technologies, College Fitness has recently released an iPhone or iPod Touch application that allows members to bring their workout with them. Once the user has updated their account and workout plan, for a minimal fee, they can download the plan to their iPhone or iPod Touch. (The application can also calculate calories, weight, and how much the user is lifting.)

“CFMobile is going to affect people who don’t necessarily have the desire to ask a personal trainer or can afford the $40-$80 for a personal trainer to get just the basics.  I think that CFMoblie the app will provide the basic knowledge how to perform the basic exercises and perform the basic goals,” said Chris Manfredini, Chief of Marketing Operations for College Fitness. (DiRienzo)

So if you are one of those who sweats at the thought of going to the gym, perhaps this new wave of social media may be the ticket to a successful fitness program.

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