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Could You Build A House Between Classes?

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As a student, your life centers around working on your latest paper and socializing, after all, what else is there to do? You may not have considered building a house, from the ground up, with your own two hands. However, for a group of students from North Platte, Nebraska, that is exactly how they spent their time.

The Home That Students Built

The Mid Plains Community College is selling the home that students built. There is an open house scheduled for this week, in fact. The asking price is $90,000, a considerable amount of money for homes in this region. Bids are being taken for the home. The home is a three-bedroom home with two baths. Students have built every part of the home. This even includes the electrical elements, the plumbing and all other elements.

Here is the kicker. The home was built to be sold and then moved to a buyer’s lot. However, the home is not really something that is unique. In fact, this process has been going on for 40 years by the college. The organization that works on this process sees the underlying benefits. Real life experiences for the students working on the home, but giving something unique to the community as well.

The home that sold last year came in with a bid of $107,000. All bids for this year’s home are due by June 5th, at which time the highest bidder will win the home (it has become much more of an eBay style of bidding than the standard real estate sale.)

Here are some of the stats for the home. It has 1600 square feet, large rooms with lots of storage (there are walk in closets) as well as a master suite, which encompasses 1/3 of the total home size. It has a whirlpool bathtub, a walk in shower, and two sinks. Cathedral ceilings, recessed lighting and much more go into this home’s design.

Chime In

So, as you sit there, have you ever contemplated doing activities like this? Building a home can be a fantastic opportunity to learn everything from architecture to home security and hard work.

Why not consider a project similar to this in your school hometown. The funds from the sale of the home could be donated to scholarships, local charities or college research. Better yet, help encourage your school to be the first school to build a complete green home for such reasons.

To learn more about the home that student’s built, and to get in on the bidding, visit Mid Plains Community College.

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