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Gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

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I have been a student for more than thirty years, and I have been a teacher for more than five years. I can tell you that even though some teachers look more tired and disgusted than others, none of them entered the profession for the money. Chances are that every teacher you know entered the profession because at one point or another she had a passion for educating, and a drive to translate her love of a subject to her students.

Many teachers would be qualified to work in capacities that would offer more money or more prestige, but for the love of educating others they choose to stick with teaching, usually at some degree of personal sacrifice.

May 3rd through 7th is Teacher Appreciation Week. Make an effort to thank the teachers who have guided you through your studies. Here are some great ideas to kick off the week:

  • Buy a book! Books are a natural part of every teacher’s habitat – no one appreciates a book more than a teacher!
  • Buy a movie – give your teacher a night in Hollywood! Or, buy a gift certificate to the movies – who doesn’t like to go to a movie once in a while?
  • Buy a beautiful fountain pen! Something like this is a keepsake and will be used and treasured for many years.
  • Take a picture of your class and put it in a beautiful frame.
  • Buy (or take up a collection to buy) a briefcase or leather portfolio.

*Buy an accessory or functional object for his or her desk, such as a leather inbox, a pencil holder, or a paperweight.

  • Purchase a gift certificate to iTunes, or create a special playlist with music you know he or she will love!
  • Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • Buy a gourmet treat from a local purveyor. Who doesn’t like to dine on something special once in a while?
  • Do not forget about your online teachers – many times they don’t get any recognition whatsoever. Send them an e-certificate from Amazon, B&N or some other online store!

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