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New Year's Eve: Celebrate Safe!

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A time to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, New Year’s Eve is one of the most social holidays on the calendar. Most people go above and beyond the traditional champagne toasts at midnight, drinking throughout the evening—even those who are underage. Many also make the potentially deadly mistake of driving home drunk.

This New Year’s Eve, there’s no excuse not to celebrate safe. Make sure you’re safe and sound for the start of 2013 by following these New Year’s safety tips:

Have a designated driver. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive. It just isn’t worth it. Use a party bus or limo service, have a designated driver, plan on calling a cab for transportation, or spend the night at the party host’s house.

Don’t get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Don’t allow them to drive off alone, either. Take away their keys and arrange for alternate transportation, or stay with them until they are sober.

Don’t leave your drink unattended. Only drink from bottles or cans that you opened yourself, or glasses that you saw a professional bartender prepare. If you set your drink down and walk away—even for just a moment—get a new drink. There is always a chance that someone could have slipped something into it.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings, including the people around you.

Don’t mix fireworks and alcohol. Fireworks are common at New Year’s Eve celebrations, even though they are illegal in many cities and states. It’s best if you leave fireworks displays to the professionals, especially if drinking is going on. Watch them on TV instead!

Start the New Year—and the new semester—on the right foot. Make wise decisions and celebrate safely!


Melissa Rhone+

Melissa Rhone earned her Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Tampa. She resides in the Tampa Bay area and enjoys writing about college, pop culture, and epilepsy awareness.

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