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Plagiarism: One-Way Trip to Ruin

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Plagiarism has always been an issue as far as professional writings. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t seem to be waning to even the slightest degree. Why is this?

There are several reasons. The first would be pressure to produce individual pieces to meet an unwavering deadline. This is the case in both a variety of professional arenas and in institutions of higher education. The unwritten “rule” is do or die, which has come down to mean that one must create an astounding, totally unique award-winning work, otherwise one is a failure. Many believe that this is the only form of success. The irony, however, is that such an attempt to steal another’s work for that purpose inevitably sends the culprits in the opposite direction.

As far as colleges go, plagiarism is alive and kicking everywhere despite the endless string of failed attempts and ugly consequences propped up in a row like dead warriors skewered on spears. Many students quite often find themselves trapped, feeling that if they fail their courses or get anything less than an ‘A’ grade, their academic and professional lives would be over. This fear drives many to do the unspeakable, despite the consequences.

Then again, there are many students who think that copying or buying a paper is the easy way to a good grade and recognition, which is virtually guaranteed with the submission of a professional-level piece of writing. “Who’s going to know, right? After all, who is ever going to find out?”

The answer: the teachers! They can tell, even if they have never read the piece before. Most college students’ skills are, to put it bluntly, not that great; college professors know that 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds straight out of high school do not have the developed writing skills comparative to those of a published writer or researcher. This is why they are teaching the classes in the first place.

Another reason behind plagiarism is the old green-eyed monster. Those intent on stealing know that the work over which they are assuming ownership is of high-standard quality. This is why they take it. They sometimes feel that they cannot measure up otherwise. Taking such recognized pieces of work could put them on top, where they believe they should be for their lives to mean something. Jealousy is a natural internal response for humans, but it isn’t called the green-eyed monster for nothing. This impulse can and will devour its victims without mercy and leave nothing behind.

Programs and learning centers or writing labs exist to train students how to develop their writing and editing skills at an acceptable pace so they don’t fall behind in class. This way, they learn and do their own work.

As for those students wanting the easy way out, there is the door. Success requires a lot of hard work. Everyone—professionals and labors alike—must work to reach their goals, whether it is to get published or merely to pay bills. The easy way out, like the exit, leads to the street, and there’s nothing on the street except pavement cluttered with bums and criminals all looking for their own easy fix. The problem is it does not exist.

Plagiarism hurts everyone involved and gives colleges a bad name. It is unethical and illegal, for good reason. Students should give themselves a shot. They might be surprised at the potential they will find.

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