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Show Me the Money! College Student Spending Habits Infographic

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Most parents teach their kids how to whip up a few simple meals and remind them to separate whites from darks before they head off to college, but the majority of students need advice on something besides cooking and laundry. A recent study found that a whopping 84% of college students admitted they need more education on financial management.

College Spending

The rising price of tuition and text books is constantly in the news, yet the average student spends almost half of his or her income on discretionary items like clothes, cosmetics, and going out.

Between part-time jobs like tutoring or waiting tables and some cash from Mom and Dad, the average college student winds up with roughly $1200 per month. Most—over 80%—also have at least one credit card. This infographic from Nationwide breaks down where college student spending goes:

Find out where college students spend their money and how a pre-paid credit card can help promote financial responsibility.

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