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The Importance of Having One’s Own Computer in the Modern-Day College Setting

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Before the 1990s, computers used in college settings were restricted to the administrative purposes and the occasional small computer lab located on campuses. Nowadays, computers of many kinds are everywhere. As a matter of fact, the modern-day college environment would be noticeably incomplete without them.

Why computers? These days, students and professors alike conduct their class work and lessons respectively through the use of software and the Internet. Both have actually become incorporated components in information processing and calculating for the learning and professional environments. In the computer age, then, computers are a necessity everywhere.

This includes personal computer. Although computer labs are the norm, some being vastly composed of a hundred units or more, the inclusion of the computer in every student’s curriculum necessitates the lab being constantly used, meaning that going there and finding no open spots is a very common happenstance. Because of this, students quite often purchase their own. Computers are expensive, but they offer several convenient advantages. First, and most obvious, the personal computer can allow students to do their work at any time, day or night, especially since computer labs are typically closed part of the time (usually during midnight-plus hours). This is truly important around mid-term and finals time when written assignments are due. Secondly, the personal computer can afford privacy, which can result in many hours of well-focused concentration. Some dorm rooms even become equipped with them for every students convenience (although the rent is higher because of this). In this particular case, personal computer need not be purchased by the students. However, as every prospective student knows (and can discern from reading dorm description pamphlets), not every dorm room has integrated computer units. In light of this fact, the best way to go for students is still to purchase their own computer, regardless.

This is where the laptop comes in, as well as the third advantage for having a personal computer. Not only can students facilitate their work at any time, but also any place, hence the name. Laptops are small suitcase-shaped computer systems that can be carried about quite easily. They can either be stashed in a book bag or by their own handle. Many come in their own specifically designed carry cases having enough room for power packs, extra cords, diskette pockets, and backup batteries. The laptop, then, can be utilized anywhere—classrooms; coffee shops; restaurants and bars; libraries; outdoors, such as in the park, at the beach, or on campus; and even in one’s car (when parked, of course). These types of devices are especially designed and intended for field work, and their hard-drives are just as large and fast as those in desktop computers. Graduate students and professionals alike know exactly what this means. All in all, laptops are definitely the ultimate in convenience as far as the personal computer is concerned. Anyone planning on going to college is advised to invest in a personal computer, as this has become the most important item that will be needed and used throughout the duration of one’s college experience. Discounts can always be found, especially online. One should just makes sure to know which type of computer one needs, as they are not all the same. If the wrong computer is purchased, the money would be wasted anyway.

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