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To the Lonely Commuter Student,

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Dear Commuter Student,

Feeling lonely? Because of your circumstances, I submit to you a very realistic appreciation for the challenges of alienation and isolation that you might face on a college campus which should otherwise offer you the greatest community of relationships and networking than any other environment.

Relationships and the advantage of career and social networking make up a very large portion of the college experience which take time, effort, and constant exposure to foster; this I am sure you are aware of. Living off campus may be a set-back to the painless access an on-campus student may be privy to, but do not let your circumstances determine the measure of your college experience.

The Importance of Academic and Social Engagement

Unfortunately, studies have shown that commuter students like you will be more vulnerable to less college academic and social engagement. Therefore, I encourage you to understand the importance of getting “more than a degree.”

Career Networking
I often wave aside social implications as being non-essential but then am reminded again and again by events in my own life, “it’s all who you know.” Keep that in mind. Allowing yourself to fall further into social isolation could actually hinder your success in the working world.

Experience = Knowledge
Assuming you, the reader, are a first or second year college student and/or lacking in the knowledge of adult responsibility, be wise to the fact that fearing or disregarding the importance of social interaction and experiences leaves you without certain adeptness that a conventional classroom can’t offer you—a tool that is vital for finding and maintaining successful employment.

Tapping Into the Giant College Campus Resource

Commuter Student, just because your bed doesn’t rest at a campus address, does not mean you don’t have access to 20 hours of campus time. University campuses are known for their diverse and countless resources—clubs, events, etc. Your job is to tap into them and thrive by them.

Discouragement, the Most Dangerous Obstacle

Finally, do not let discouragement take advantage of your best. Make healthy choices to live beyond what keeps you from going forward in your ultimate college experience. Oh, Commuter Student, though the road may be rough, then greater are your efforts and greater still is your success!

So be chatty!

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It's not as easy being social as it sounds.