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Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs in America: Careers to Avoid

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“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” were pearls of wisdom from Chinese philosopher Confucius, who lived from 551—479 BC. Despite the “generation gap,” his advice stands true today.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all lucky enough to be blessed with our dream jobs. High unemployment rates have many people scrambling to find any type of work but some positions are worse than others. Read on to find out the 10 unhappiest jobs in America.

Worst Jobs in America?

Website CareerBliss just released its new Unhappiest Jobs in America list, based on analysis of the results of over 100,000 employee-generated reviews between February 2011 and January 2012. Employees were asked to rate 10 work-related factors on a five-point scale, indicating how important each factor was to their overall work happiness:

  • Work-life balance
  • Their relationships with their boss and co-workers
  • Work environment
  • Job resources
  • Compensation
  • Growth opportunities
  • Company culture
  • Company reputation
  • Daily tasks
  • Job control over the work that they do on a daily basis

Forbes explained that these numbers were combined to find an average “happiness rating” for each employee who submitted a review and then sorted by job title, calculating which occupations had the least happy employees.

Once CareerBliss did the math and worked their magic, they came up with the top 10 jobs in America that make employees’ lives miserable:

1. Security Officer

Average salary: $29,641

Bliss Score: 3.510/5

2. Registered Nurse

Average salary: $60,857

Bliss Score: 3.549/5

3. Teacher

Average salary: $43,663

Bliss Score: 3.595/5

4. Sales Engineer

Average salary: $71,283

Bliss Score: 3.636/5

5. Product Manager

Average salary: $81,865

Bliss Score: 3.648/5

6. Program Manager

Average salary: $94,371

Bliss Score: 3.655/5

7. Marketing Manager

Average salary: $64,437

Bliss Score: 3.677/5

8. Director of Sales

Average salary: $91,821

Bliss Score: 3.677/5

9. Marketing Director

Average salary: $68,873

Bliss Score: 3.688/5

10. Maintenance Supervisor

Average salary: $52,799

Bliss Score: 3.691/5

Are you in one of these unhappy professions and ready for a new career? Head over to Careers for detailed career profiles featuring salary and job outlook information and education/training requirements. Then drop by the Job Board, where you can post your resume for potential employers and search open positions by title, type and location.

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