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Why College?

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If you are a college student, do you ever wonder some moments, why you are there? If you are a high school student, do you find yourself questioning the purpose of attending a university? These queries should not go unanswered. In fact, understanding “why” you would continue on to higher education is foundational for your success.

Remember, your success is personal. It should not be intertwined with the outpouring of outsiders’ opinions of what is best for your life. If you choose to go to college or if you are already attending a college you should know the reason why you’re there.

Two Questions To Ask Yourself:

What Does the College Experience Mean to You?

When you reflect upon the “college experience,” what do you envision? If you can grasp an understanding of what exactly you want to get out of four additional years or more of education, it will give you a stronger focus.

What Are You There to Learn?

Because of pressures from home or society dictating your attendance, it is difficult to see through to more centralized purposes for college such as “what you want to learn?” Does that mean you go just because you are told that is what you have to do? NO.

The point of going to college is to learn something, right? Why else would you pay thousands of dollars to enroll? A part of knowing why you are at college is knowing what you will be learning while you there. Figure that out before you decide to enroll. It will make your life a lot easier.

When the Desire Hits

College is difficult, more difficult than many people realize. So many have returned with heads hung low because they spent more time educating themselves in drunkenness, partly due to their disrespect of what a college education can offer them. They didn’t know why they were there. They established no goals to work toward.

Many times, students in these circumstances spend time in the workforce and later regain a desire that they did not originally have to finish school. The desire drives them to make goals and finish school with success, just a little later than they had planned.

College success will be difficult if you do not have a desire to succeed there. My advice: don’t go ’til you know.

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