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Zipcar: The Campus Transportation Alternative

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Figuring out how to get around campus can be a problematic thing for some college students who don’t have a car. For those that have a car, parking, maintenance, insurance, gas, or payments can add up in expenses and hassles.

When you take a look at the alternatives to having a car on campus, your options may seem limited to public transportation, riding a bike, or just plain walking, and while most colleges offer living necessities on school grounds, it doesn’t hurt sometimes to venture out and hit the town beyond the limits of the bus routes and stamina of your legs.

What Is Zipcar?

Available in 52 cities across North America and the U.K., Zipcar is the largest car sharing company in the world. Founded in 1999, it offers membership to those eligible with car rental benefits based on an hourly or daily rate.

Zipcar’s affordable and convenient amenities, cool cars, and unique collaboration with organizations and universities have incited its popularity among people, not to mention is undaunted commitment to green efforts. Over 30 campuses nationwide have been privileged with access to Zipcar services.

How It Works

Zipcar for universities have sites located either on the campuses or near the campuses, and each car has an allotted parking spot or “home” spot. Zipcar student members can pay for as little as an hour of use up to a 24 hour period.

Zipcar’s 4 Step Process


First check to see if Zipcar is available at your campus. In order to become a member, you must be sure you match up to their eligibility requirements. Then you can become a member or “Zipster” by completing a student application online. In the mail, you will receive an access card, making you an official Zipster.


You can reserve a car either minutes or months in advance by going online, or you can reserve from your mobile phone. Your reservation will include your time slot and your desired car.


Using the access card, you can unlock the car by swiping the card over the designated spot on the windshield. The keys are placed in the ignition or under the dashboard.


Enjoy the freedom of transportation without the hassle.


Not only is Zipcar advantageous to the everyday working citizen who wants to cut down on costs and emissions, its partnership with hundreds of universities across the country has made it the par excellent alternative to owning a car on campus.

Students can appreciate the simplicity of the process, the style, and the 24/7 trouble-free accessibility. It’s turnkey program alleviates the costs and annoyances of gas and insurance, which is included in the membership.

Is Zipcar Not Available at Your College?

Despite the number of universities that have partnered with Zipcar, there are so many more universities that are lacking in this superior transit alternative. If you are attending a college that has yet to jump on the Zipcar bandwagon, you can request for them to contact you to see how you can get Zipcar rentals on your campus. contact Zipcar

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