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NCAA 2010: A Lesson in Humility

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In my entire life, the only moment I have ever enjoyed March Madness was when my high school team went to state. That was the ONLY time I have ever cared or been mindful of basketball outside of the NBA. This year, however, it seems that my world is being rocked to the core with news of NCAA March Madness through Twitter, friends, and… sermon analogies.

When I decided to write a piece on March Madness, I counted on my dad, who is currently studying Sports Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and who I thought would be full knowledge and opinions on college basketball, but to no avail. His response was, “I’m looking forward to all the HOOP-la ending because it’s driving me to madness.”

I admit that I haven’t watched one game or listened to one radio broadcast, but I have done the math. What I have seen from the news coverage and what I’ve heard from the “water cooler” is that there is a lesson we can all learn from this year’s NCAA tournament with several unexpected victories like Northern Iowa over Kansas and two unfavorable teams making their way to this year’s Final Four despite the odds and the reputation of their opponents. These teams’ determination to win drove them to victory.

The lesson is in the humble position that a victor can often be disguised in. Many bracket holders and sports forecasters never dreamed teams like Kentucky and Kansas would go home in defeat and a team like Butler could bring home a major victory. So we must all remember by March Madness 2010’s example, chastened beginnings shouldn’t predetermine one’s future.

(Here’s rooting for Butler!)

NCAA 2010 Bracket Update: Final Four Positions are Set

For you bracket holders who have seen the impossible happen this season with two unsuspecting teams now in the Final Four, get ready. The positions are set:

Getty Images


In the east, West Va., made a surprising sweep over Kentucky, despite Kentucky’s remarkable success this season, in a 73-66 victory.


Favored Duke made it on top, landing them a Final Four spot in a 78-71 victory over Baylor.


Michigan State has made it to the Final Four position for the Midwest by barely squeezing out wins over Maryland and Tennessee.


Butler has shown itself worthy of a Final Four spot in a startling 63-56 defeat over favored Kansas State.


Saturday, April 3, 2010
Oiler Stadium, Indianapolis

Michigan State vs. Butler beginning at 6:00 pm EST
West Virginia vs. Duke (favored) beginning at 8:45 pm EST

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