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New Benefits of Taking Advantage of Summer Coursework: Discounted Tuition

After a long, grueling year of school, it is quite reasonable that summer break would be reserved precisely for its purpose, to relax and regroup. However, consider the newest campus buzz: according to a recent article from USA Today, some colleges are offering nearly 40% discounts on tuition rates for summer classes.

In the precarious economic climate that we live in today, without diminishing the importance of rest, the luxury of laying around in the summer months as opposed to jumping on opportunities to save money for a more successful future seems like an impulse.

Which would you choose?

Times are changing. Colleges, completely aware of the negative publicity, which questions even the importance of obtaining a degree, are needing to and have begun to creatively come up with options to maintain enrollment. Campus administrations are burning with competition in efforts to lure in more prospective students for the purposes of carrying on in their current budgets and incurring extra revenue. Cheaper tuition for summer coursework is one way to achieve that, an avenue that is turning out to be advantageous for both the schools and the students.

Even if your respective school does not yet offer discounted tuition rates for summer classes, who is to say you are limited to the college you currently attend for summer course work? Furthermore, there are options and advantages to enrolling for summer school beyond the money.

Consider these additional benefits:

  • Summer classes can help prevent overloading your schedule during the regular semesters.
  • Widely popular, hard-to-get-into classes can sometimes be more accessible during the summer months.
  • Summer classes can guarantee smaller classroom sizes.

Tips on Taking Advantage of Summer Classes

If you choose to take advantage of your summer instead of a job or a nice vacation, here are some tips that might be worth keeping in mind:

  • Courses during the summer are no easier or less lenient than regular semester classes. Be careful not to fall short of your work. Your summer sacrifice would have been in vain.
  • With less time to go over class material, coursework can be more rigorous. It may be wise to not take too many classes or too difficult of a class over the summer months. One class is recommended.
  • At some point, it is important to separate time for rest and relaxation during the summer. Burnout and exhaustion are fatal to college success. Enjoy some days in the sun!