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Booooo! 7 Haunted College Ghost Stories

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Most incoming freshmen worry about getting stuck with bad roommates, but what about getting stuck with a ghost? Whether it’s plain old-fashioned gossip or the gospel truth, rumor has it that some (un)lucky students don’t need to watch Ghost Adventures to have a paranormal experience!

From ghostly janitors to sorority sisters, some of the best college ghost stories in the country are told about these schools. Let’s hope the supernatural doesn’t get in the way of studying!

1. University of Northern Colorado | Greeley, CO

Stories about things that go “bump in the night” are abundant on the University of Northern Colorado campus. Doors have slammed repeatedly in Turner Hall, even though students were gone for the summer. Harrison Hall’s basement is reportedly home to the ghost of a former janitor, who was killed on the job when he leaned over a trash bin and a student dropped a brick into the trash chute from above, dropping it onto his head.

Learn more about The University of Northern Colorado here.

2. Baldwin-Wallace University | Berea, OH

Baldwin-Wallace may not be a household name, but its ghost stories are well-known! Lang Hall, which was the only all-female residence hall at this small private liberal arts school until 2008, is said to be haunted by Emma Lang, its namesake and the dorm’s first house mother. Kohler Hall, which was a hospital for Civil War veterans and a mental institution before becoming a college dorm, also has a haunted rep.

Learn more about Baldwin-Wallace here.

3. Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA

Penn State has had more than its fair share of troubles over the past year, but more than one demon is said to haunt the picturesque campus. According to legend, a graduate student named Betsy Aarsma was stabbed to death between shelves full of books in the Pattee Library in 1969. Her murderer was never found and her spirit is said to roam the library late at night. Shwab Auditorium is reported to have two ghostly residents—one a former president of the university and the other a noisy ghoul who causes plenty of ruckus in the attic.

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4. University of Montevallo | Montevallo, AL

When a college campus is home to an impressive 28 buildings and sites on the National Register of Historic Places, it’s easy to believe that at least some of them are haunted. Stories vary as to why, but Reynolds Hall is reportedly haunted by the usually-friendly ghost of Captain Henry Clay Reynolds. Rumor has it that the fourth floor of Old Main Hall is haunted by the ghost of Condie Cunningham, a student who was making fudge or hot chocolate with friends in 1908. A bottle of alcohol fell over the flame, causing a fire in the dorm. When Condie’s nightgown caught on fire, she ran down the hall screaming before collapsing. She died soon after, but her screams are sometimes heard in the hall showers.

Learn more about The University of Montevallo here.

5. University of Notre Dame | South Bend, IN

Notre Dame is famous for ghosts as well as football. People claim that the friendly ghost of George Gipp, a Notre Dame football star who is known for the famous “Win one for the Gipper” speech, is spotted hovering over students’ shoulders and even giving them a friendly pat on the back. Notre Dame’s Columbus Hall, which was built on Patawatami Indian burial grounds, is believed to be haunted by warriors on horseback.

Learn more about Notre Dame here.

6. Montclair State University | Upper Montclair, NJ

This New Jersey school’s Clove Road Apartments were also built atop ancient Indian burial grounds. Doors and windows reportedly slam and lock on their own, and lights have been known to flicker on and off without humanly assistance. A man wearing 19th century garb has been seen hovering over students’ beds, only to disappear as soon as they scream, and Clove Road roommates reportedly get into fights for no reason at all. Hmm, maybe the man has something to do with it?

Learn more about Montclair State University here.

7. University of Georgia | Athens, GA

Plenty of University of Georgia students claim that they’ve been able to communicate via Ouija board with former sorority girl Anna Hamilton, who saw her boyfriend’s murder. Her ghost is often heard crying in the Phi Mu sorority house, and the Alpha Gamma Delta house is not without its own spirits. Susie, the founding family’s daughter, reportedly hung herself in the house’s attic after being stood up at the altar.

Learn more about The University of Georgia here.

It’s not surprising that so many colleges that are rumored to be haunted, especially those with historic campuses, but it seems like even more college ghost stories crop up during Halloween. Whether you believe they’re factual or just urban legends that have experienced the snowball effect, they definitely add a bit of mystery during campus tours!

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